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Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Offers Surface Pro 3 For $279 Over MacBook Air Trade-In

Microsoft has launched a new campaign in order to increase its sales of the newly launched Surface Pro 3 tablet. The company is so confident of the device that it claims it can replace your old laptops and so they have started a unique trade-in scheme which will let you own the all new Surface […]

iball slide 3G 9728 tablet pictures front view

iBall Launches Slide 3G-9728 – 9.7 inch 3G Tablet

iBall has launched an all new tablet – the Slide 3G – 9728. Its a 3G tablet with a big 9.7-inch screen (as big as the iPad). It also runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which makes it a tablet with all the latest features that Android brings on the table. The tablet has both […]

Nokia Windows 8 tablet keyboard cover

Nokia Possibly Working on a Windows 8 Tablet With Mechanical Keyboard Cover

Nokia has been try hard to cash on in the opportunity in the tablets market which is currently exploding with endless possibilities. We have come across a patent that was filed by Nokia way back in 2011 about a device whose description possibly sounds like that one of a tablet with a cover and a […]

HP Slate Android tablet pictures

HP Launches “Slate” – Affordable Android Based Tablet

Since the episode of HP’s TouchPad, which had apparently been discontinued and after that the demand for the tablet rose leaps and bounds as HP started selling of these tablets for just $99 for stock clearance. The HP TouchPad was based on WebOS 3.0. However this new tablet from HP, the HP Slate,  is a […]

Lava Etab Connect tablet pictures

Lava unveils Etab Connect – a 3G Calling Tablet

Just like Micromax, even Lava mobiles have been creating constant waves in the Indian Mobile market. Lava has now launched a very unique tablet called the Etab COnnect that has built-in support for 3G. This means you will no longer have to use an external 3G dongle in order to use a 3G connection on […]