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A scene from the movie

XBOX 720 (Next Version Of XBOX 360) To Have “Avatar Movie” Like Graphics

If you have watched the movie Avatar, then you must have been impressed with its awesome next generation graphics and the entire cinematography. Would it not be good if you could get the same experience on your games too? Well all this might actually turn into reality if what AMD claims is believed to be […]

Kinect As A Helicopter Radar [Video]

A couple of days back we told you about a Kinect based multi-touch like control without touching the surface. Now the Kinect is being used a 3D Radar atop a helicopter.

Open Source Drivers Take Kinect To A New World Of Possibilities

The video below shows a real life working model of a picture browsing application running in Ubuntu, controlled via Microsoft’s Kinect. It enables a multi-touch like control without touching the surface – something with which we are already familar from Sci-Fi movies.