iPod Nano As A Watch Is Going To Be The Hot New Trend In 2011!

When Apple released the new iPod Nano, Steve Jobs joked that a board member planned to wear it as a watch. In fact it is about the perfect size for a watch. This idea captured the minds of many – i mean why wouldn’t you want to wear a watch which plays music, has a multi-touch screen, can hold your audio books, can also work as a FM radio receiver and also as a pedometer. It is like a all in one device – and oh, it tells the time as well.

So, this resulted in a number of manufacturers bringing out a number of wrist-straps on which the iPod Nano can be clipped on to make it a watch. There is whole range of choice available already – from the $10 rubber bands to the $70 aluminium crafted LunaTik.

Just to give you an idea of how much in demand an iPod Nano watch is, consider this –  after designing LunaTik, the designer used the crowd-sourcing startup Kickstarter of Diaspora fame to raise capital. The goal was to raise $15,000 but in the end it ended up with a capital of more than $1 million. Just to put things in perspective, Facebook challenger Diaspora ended up with $200,000 through Kickstarter.

So, after starting out in late 2010, the iPod Nano watch is all set to be the hot new trend in 2011.

10 thoughts on “iPod Nano As A Watch Is Going To Be The Hot New Trend In 2011!”

  1. Gr. I dislike what Apple is doing to the old classic ipods. I strongly dislike these new small gadgets.

    1. I think that it depends on the type of person you are. This product could adapt more to sporting, outgoing people and you must understand that technology evolves for the better.

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