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Send Hellow World text to Phone using Magnetic Fields

New Research Shows Phones May Use Magnets To Transmit Data

Researchers at the University of Oulu in Finland have been successful in transmitting data using the magnetometer that is usually found in various smartphones. The device they used to perform this experiment was the Nexus 4 from Google. The experiment is still a work in progress but holds tremendous potential if it can be developed […]

Bluetooth 4.1 Logo

Bluetooth 4.1 – Five New Features You Must Know

Of all the supportive wireless technologies on a Mobile Phone such as Wi-Fi, NFC & Bluetooth, the one that made it first and from the initial days is Bluetooth. No wonder, Bluetooth has come a long way both in terms of advancement and device compatibility. Nowadays you can see bluetooth everywhere, be it he iPad, […]

Google Chromecast Inside Hardware & specs

Inside Google Chromecast – 512MB RAM & 4GB Flash Storage

As you might already know that Google has launched their new generation TV streaming device called the Chromecast using which you can stream any video or text content from your iPhone, Android Phone, iPad or Laptop to your TV over wi-fi. Whats even better is the price of the device, just US $35! In this […]

Google Chromecast Connected to TV via HDMI port

Buy Google Chromecast Dongle In India

Google recently announced a new USB dongle called the Google Chromecast using which users can stream the content from their tablets and phones directly to their TV over wi-fi. The Chromecast dongle is currently priced at just US $35 but is available only in the US via Google’s Play Store. UPDATE – Chromecast’s internal hardware […]

Belkin AC 1200 DB Router Images, Pictures

Belkin Launches AC 1200 DB Powerful Router In India

Belkin has launched an all new router product to its line-up in India. The Belkin AC 1200 DB is a powerful Dual-Band wi-fi router that is built over 802.11ac technology layer. The speciality of this router is that it can provide upto 3 times faster speeds than the existing 802.11n technology layer based routers. The […]