Indian Minister Sibal Displaying the Aakash Tablet

Aakash faces a Backlash

Owing to some quality complaints, the $35 Aakash tablet will not be out quite soon in to the market. Ministry of Human Resource Development raised concerns if the cheapest tablet would survive the second level of up-gradation.

Also, Datawind, the company which produces Aakash tablets was no longer guaranteed to go on with the second phase production with these doubts arising. Users complained about low battery life, sluggish performance and not so satisfying resistive touchscreen. To just confirm all readers, Aakash was a tablet launched to suffice the needs of university students in supporting them for their education.

Indian Minister Sibal Displaying the Aakash Tablet

Indian Minister Sibal Displaying the Aakash Tablet

Some sources mention that there was a company which is ready to manufacture the tablet at same price or even lower. The $61 model is still selling like hot cakes with orders of more than tens of thousands per day. Definitely, costlier parts are required in order to make the tablet closer to the expected iPad.

It only seems like the specifications offered by the tablet are not so great but is good enough for an educational purpose given its price too. Well, we hope that the up-graded version will be much better without any problems current users are facing.


2 thoughts on “Aakash faces a Backlash”

  1. Aakash was mainly a trial version. The feedback received from it will enable a better Aakash-2. Ubislate7+, the commercially available device from Datawind priced at 2999 is a great product. Check out for it’s specs and booking. Also, Kapil Sibal has denied reports of distances with Datawind.

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